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Pickrell. G., Surgeon. Detached from the lozva and or- dered home to wait orders. Stokes, C. F., Surgeon. Detached from the Navy Yard, League Island, and ordered to the Bureau of Medi- cine and Surgery, Navy Department. buy trazodone generic S.vvDEK, J. J., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., and granted sick leave. Verner, W. cheap trazodone no prescription W., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. The following surgeons trazodone discount coupon have cheap trazodone been generic trazodone hcl commissioned surgeons from March 3, 1903 : C. D. Brownell, S. G.Evans, C. E. RiGGS, M. K. Johnson, W. B. Grove, E. O. Huntington, W. M. Wheeler. L. Morris, F. T. Pleadwell, generic trazodone 50 mg C. P. Kin- dlebercer and F. C. Cook. Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service: Official List of the Changes of Station and Duties of Com- missioned and Non-commissioned Officers of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, for the Seven Days Ending June 25, 1903: P.ready, J. E., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Leave of absence for three days granted Acting Assistant Surgeon Bready by Bureau letter of June 6th revoked. Brooks, S. D. Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for one day, June 22nd. Carrington, p. M., Surgeon. Six days' leave of absence, under paragraph 189 of buy trazodone hydrochloride the regulations, trazodone cost without insurance from June 20, 1903. Granted extension of leave of absence for seven days. Earle, B. H., Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of ab- sence for seven days, from June 25th. Gassaway, J. M., Surgeon. Granted buy trazodone online no prescription leave of absence for two days, from June 7th. Grubbs, S. B., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted extension of buy trazodone leave of absence for seven days, from June 23d. GvvvN, M. K., Assistant Surgeon. To report to Assistant Surgeon V. G. Heiser, recorder of board of examiners, Manila, P. I., on August 8, buy trazodone hcl 1903, for examination to determine his fitness buy trazodone online uk for promotion to the grade of passed assistant surgeon. Harris, B. Y., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for thirty days, from July 22d. HoBDY, W. C, Assistant Surgeon. To report to Passed Assistant Surgeon L. E. Cofer, recorder of board of examiners, Honolulu, H. L, on August 15, 1903, for examination to determine his fitness for promotion to generic trazodone online the grade of passed assistant surgeon. Iltis. G. W., Pharmacist. To report to Passed Assistant Surgeon W. G. Stimpson, chairman of board of e.xam- iners, San Francisco, Cal., on June 29, 1903, for ex- amination to determine his fitness for promotion to the grade of pharmacist of the second class. Spr.\gue, E. K., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Leave of ab- sence for seven days, from June 4, 1903, granted Passed buy trazodone 50 mg Assistant Surgeon Sprague under paragraph 191 of the regulations, amended so as to be for four days only. Relieved from duty at Fort Stanton, N. M., and directed to proceed generic trazodone cost to Calcutta, India, for duty in the office of the U. S. Consul-General. Sweetixg, C. B., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence, on account of sickness, for thirty days, from June loth. Wasdin, Eugene, Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for three days, from June 20th. W'hite, J. H., Surgeon. Granted how much do trazodone cost leave of absence for one month, from July 2nd. Young. G. B., Pas.sed Assistant Surgeon. Granted buy trazodone sleep leave of ab.sence for two months, from July 7th. Boards Convened. Board convened to meet at Wa.shington, D. C, June 25, 1903. for the preparation of sketch plans and memoranda relative to a hospital building at Ellis Island, N. Y. Detail for the board : Assistant how much does trazodone cost Surgeon-General L. L. Williams, chairman ; Assistant Surgeon-General W. J. Pettus, Sur- geon G .W. Stoner. Passed .Assistant Surgeon J. C. Perry, recorder. Board convened to meet at San Fraqcisco, Cal., June 29, IQ03, for the examination of Pharmacist G. W. Iltis to de- termine his fitness for promotion to the grade of pharma- cist of the second class. Detail for the board : Passed As- sistant Surgeon W. G. Stimpson, chairman. Assistant Sur- geon buy trazodone uk C. W. VoGEL, recorder. 56 MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. N. Y. Med. Jour, and Phila. Med. Journai., Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service Health Reports: The following cases of smaltpoj;, yellow fever, cholera and plague, have been reported to the surgeon-general, Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service, during the â– week ending June 2j, i^os:

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