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EDITORIAL Order Avandia Online ARTICLES. fN. Y. Med. Jour., NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL. A Weekly Review of Buy Cheap Avandia Medicine. ESTABLISHED IN 1 864. Published by the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. D. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange, post office, •r express money order or registered mail. The publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Make all remit* tances payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. Address all communications to THE NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL. 03-£8 West Broadwan. NEW YORK. S.'\TURD.\Y, DECEMBER 20, 1902. THE Buy Avandia Online PROPOSED TOTAL ABOLITION OF THE PROFESSIONAL SECRET. If there ever was one subject more than another concerning which the consensus of the medical pro- fession, in common with that of the sister profes- sions of law and theology in their respective spheres, was practically unanimous, Cheap Avandia we should have said that it was the propriety of the absolute inviolability of the professional secret. From the Avandia 8 Mg earliest ages the duty has been imposed upon the physician of pre- serving inviolate under all circumstances the confi- dences obtained about his patient whether indirectly or directly, in the exercise of his profession. Only within the past few years, in obedience to the strong feeling of the medical profession thereon, the law in certain of our States has not only given, its express sanction to this ethical obligation, but made it a mat- ter of legal compulsion. It is, therefore, somewhat startling to learn that a French physician, M. Charles Valentino, advocates its total abolition in his inaug- ural thesis at the Faculty of medicine of Bordeaux. We have not been able to see his thesis in full, for it is not yet published, Generic Avandia but what appears to be a full and is certainly an appreciative, notice of it, with extensive and seemingly representative quotations, appears in La Defense for November, over the signa- ture of the editor, Dr. G. Rolland. The author bases his demand upon the modern striving for social betterment (Le souci de l' ameli- oration sociale). M. Valentino alleges that profes- sional secrecy is established on the individualistic basis of the anxiety of patients, on the one hand, to dissemble their complaints, so Purchase Avandia Online as to avoid segrega- tion (selection) , and of the desire of the physician, on the other, to avoid initiatives that must always be dangerous. He then essays to establish the posi- tion that professional secrecy, by keeping concealed all morbid Avandia 4 Mg conditions, impedes the efforts of Avandia Canada the social forces in the struggle against disease, and in- stances the ineffectiveness of the French law of 1892- for the compulsory notification of infectious dis- eases, the opposition made to the sanitary regula- tion of marriage, and the comparative immunity en- joyed by abortionists ; and declares that the obliga- tion to professional secrecy is the most powerful ob- stacle to all real hygienic progress. He draws a dis- tinction, however, between professional Avandia Online secrecy andt professional discretion. The suppression of the for- mer should extend only to those circumstances in- which it would be of public benefit ; in other words, no such secrecy should be allowed to obtain '"before social authorities capable of beneficent interven- tion." But professional discretion is still to forbid' the physician to discuss the affairs of his patients- in conversation or to satisfy any morbid curiosity. The author realizes tha": "the suppression of pro- fessional secrecy, which is Order Avandia indicated as a Buy Avandia potent means of social betterment, cannot be effected be- tween one day and the next by the enactment of a law." We are thankful for that mercy, at any rate. Such a real suppression, he says, can only be arrived at gradually, tactfully, without offending public opinion, by turning in this direction the edu- cation of the masses. "The people must be taught,"' he says, "that the true interest of the individual demands the protection of each against the others, that there is no intelligent individualism outside of social morality, and that the suppression of medical secrecy is one of the exigencies of this morality." Now, we think there can be no doubt that where- a conflict of interests between the Avandia Mg individual and the community 's beyond question at issue, and Avandia Tablets where it is infallibly clear that one must be sacrificed to the Avandia Price other, there being no other possible way of adjust- ing the difficulty than by such sacrifice, the individ- ual must properly be sacrificed to the common good ; but, Avanafil Buy before forcing a conflict between the individual and the community, it behooves us to Buy Avanafil be certain of two things, viz., first, that the true interests in either case are what they are at the time supposed to be ; and, Purchase Avandia second, that there is no way of adjusting^ the difficulty save by annihilating one of them, that one of course being the weaker. The current and almost universally held view at a given time as tc^ what is "in the best interests of the communitv" Avandia Cost has-

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